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S2A - Guarnizioni Stelo Pistone, Guarnizioni Oleodinamica

Aston Seals In Stock

We offer in stock, Aston Seals, S2A Guarnizioni Stelo Pistone with Delivery within 24hrs!
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The function of the Aston Seals S2A wiper ring is to prevent introduction of dust, dirt and foreign matter into the system. This wiper can carry out good sealing action if used in conjunction with a rod seal with hydrodynamic back-pumping function. It is composed of:

  • A dynamic element with a special wiper lip which produces a very effective cleaning action, prevents the development of scores, protects the guiding parts and extends the service life of the axial moving rod seals. The material used to produce this wiper assures exceptional low friction and high speed performance, high compatibility with nearly all media due to the chemical resistance which exceeds that of all other thermoplastics and elastomers
  • A standard size O-Ring with low permanent deformation as an energizing component on the static side which keeps the pressure of the wiper lip against the sliding surface and can compensate any deflections of the rod.
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