A26 - Bondioli Scambiatori di calore

Bondioli Disponibile

We offer in stock, an alternative Made in Italy to Bondioli A26 with Delivery within 24hrs!
Ordina !

Aluminium heat exchangers are used for cooling fluids in the hydraulic systems of all mobile equipment and agricultural machinery, and in fixed industrial plant and machinery.

Wide range of highly industrialized heat exchangers. Heat exchangers configurable for all fan drives, with DC or AC electric motors and hydraulic motors. Same wide range of cores also available with bypass, in both VNR thermostatic version and VT pressure version. Heat exchange fins customizable for heavy duty applications.


  • FR633130003  A26 1EAP 12V
  • FR633130004  A26 1ESP 12V
  • FR633130005  A26 1EAX 12V
  • FR633130006  A26 1ESX 12V
  • FR633130013  A26 1EAP 24V
  • FR633130014  A26 1ESP 24V
  • FR633130015  A26 1EAX 24V
  • FR633130016  A26 1ESX 24V
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