151G0004 - OMM 12,5-ALB.CIL.Ø16 - Danfoss

Danfoss Disponibile

We provide a wide range of hydraulic motors of different types, sizes, and with different versions of outlet shaft. The range includes motors with displacements from 8 to 800 cc/rpm. The speed may vary approximately from 2500 rpm/min for the smallest motor up to 600 rpm/min for the largest one.

Mounting Flange Standard - PD 125mm; BC 160 mm
Shaft Style Cylindrical
Shaft Size 16 mm
Shaft Key A5 x 5 x 16 mm (DIN 6885)
Port Style Side port
Port Dimension G 3/8
Drain Port Style Standard
Drain Port Dimension G 1/8
Painted None
Geometric Displacement 12,5 [0.77]
Max Inlet Pressure Cont 140 [2030]
Max Inlet Pressure Int 175 [2540]
Max Inlet Pressure Peak 225 [3260]
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