151G0003 - OMM 32-ALB.CIL.Ø16 - Danfoss

Danfoss Disponibile

Danfoss Orbital Motors, we provide a wide range of hydraulic motors of different types, sizes, and with different versions of outlet shaft. The range includes motors with displacements from 8 to 800 cc/rpm. The speed may vary approximately from 2500 rpm/min for the smallest motor up to 600 rpm/min for the largest one.

Gear Motors is a range of peak performance fixed displacement hydraulic motors available in three different frame sizes: Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3.

Constructed of a high strength extruded aluminum body with aluminum rear cover and aluminum front flange, all motors are balanced for exceptional efficiency and designed to ensure an excellent starting torque and, in the bidirectional version, to guarantee the ability to work with high back pressure and extremely low system pressure.

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