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VUBA DIN - Din Adjustable Hose Burst Valve DIN 2353

Oleodinamica Marchesini In Stock
Code V0784 Type VUBA 3/8” DIN T10L Net Price €7.15 Quantity
Code V0786 Type VUBA 3/8” DIN T12L Net Price €7.15 Quantity
Code V0787 Type VUBA 3/8” DIN T15L Net Price €7.15 Quantity
Code V0787 Type VUBA 1/2” DIN T15L Net Price €7.15 Quantity

Use and Operation
These valves are used to prevent uncontrolled descent of a load in case of hose failure. When it exceeds the valve setting (reaction flow), the valve block the flow.

Materials and Features

  • Body: zinc-plated steel
  • Internal Parts: burnished steel

Screw in the valve connecting V to the pressure flow and C to the actuator. The use together with a flow control valve is recommended.

On Request

  • Preset hose bursts available (the reaction flow should be set 1,5 times the rate flow of the system). Please specify flow (lt/min) or distance S (mm) from the flat to the valve
  • Hole on the flat (CODE/F, please specify hole dimension) for a slow load descent with closed valve