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VBPSL - 3 Way Single Pilot Operated Check Valves In Line

Oleodinamica Marchesini In Stock
Code V0201 Type VBPSL 1/4” Net Price €24.31 Quantity
Code V0202 Type VBPSL 3/8” Net Price €24.31 Quantity
Code V0203 Type VBPSL 1/2” Net Price €28.60 Quantity
Code V0204 Type VBPSL 3/4” Net Price €50.05 Quantity
Code V0205 Type VBPSL 1” Net Price €91.52 Quantity

Use and Operation
These valves are used to block the cylinder in one direction. The flow is free in one direction and blocked in the reverse direction until pilot pressure is applied.

Materials and Features

  • Body: zinc-plated steel
  • Internal Parts: hardened and ground steel
  • Seals: BUNA N standard
  • Poppet Type:  any leakage

Connect V to the pressure flow, C to the actuator’s side you want the flow to be blocked and Pil to the pilot line.

On Request

  • 8 Bar spring