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V-FCR 1T - End Stroke Valves, Normally Opened

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Code V0824 Type V-FCR 1T 60 Net Price €54.34 Quantity
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Code V0825 Type V-FCR 1T 120 Net Price €110.11 Quantity

Use and Operation
This valve is used to stop oil inlet in a hydraulic circuit or to stop actuator’s stroke (normally opened valve). The valve closing, obtained by pulling or pushing the slider, allows an immediate and total stop of the oil flow.

Materials and Features

  • Body: cast iron
  • Internal Parts: hardened and ground steel
  • Seals: BUNA N standard
  • Poppet Type: minor leakage

Connect P to the distributor and A to the circuit or to the actuator. When slider is operating, flow is blocked from P towards A, whilst the check valve enables free oil flow in the reverse direction (from A towards P).