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VS - Throttle Screw

Oleodinamica Marchesini В наличии
Код R1351 Тип VITE STROZZATRICE 1/4” Цена €2.86 Количество
Код R1361 Тип VITE STROZZATRICE 3/8” Цена €4.29 Количество
Код R1371 Тип VITE STROZZATRICE 1/2” Цена €5.72 Количество

Use and Operation
This screw is used on actuators as bi-directional restrictor when adjustment can be a little imprecise or when small dimensions don’t allow mounting of an in-line restrictor. It’s a very cheap solution, but it doesn’t guarantee the same security of a restrictor valves.

Materials and Features

  • Body: zinc-plated steel

Screw in the screw directly on actuator’s ports