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RFP3 - 3 Port Flow Control Valve Excess To Tank

Oleodinamica Marchesini В наличии
Код V1110 Тип RFP3 3/8” Цена €67.21 Количество
Код V1120 Тип RFP3 1/2” Цена €70.07 Количество
Код V1130 Тип RFP3 3/4” Цена €127.27 Количество

Use and Operation
This valve enables to keep “P” flow constant to a certain setting, independently of the required pressure or the inlet flow of the valve. Exceeded flow is drained directly in T (tank).

Materials and Features

  • Body: zinc-plated steel
  • Internal Parts: hardened and ground steel
  • Seals: BUNA N standard
  • Poppet Type: by diameter combination. Minor leakage (few drops per minute)

Connect E to the pressure flow and P to the net where flow adjustment is needed. Connect T to the tank. To adjust in let pressure in P screw in or off hand wheel after loosening the locknut.